Day of the Dead Resources

Films & Videos

  • La Vida y Los Muertos: Day of the Dead in Oaxaca, Mexico

    La Vida y Los Muertos: Day of the Dead in Oaxaca, Mexico, a film by UW Professor Carolyn Kallenborn. (38 mins) As an art film, La Vida y Los Muertos is a journey through the …

  • Textiles Talk: Honoring Ancestors

    “Everyone has ancestors. It doesn’t matter what religion, you have those that came before you, those whose shoulders you stand on.” (13 mins) Many traditions around the world have annual celebration where they honor the …

  • Oaxaca: Day of the Dead

    A look at the preparations and the celebration of the Day of the Dead in Oaxaca and surrounding communities in south central Mexico. (5 mins)   by National Geographic

  • Michoacan Mexico and the Return of the Butterflies

    Butterflies Arriving for Day of the Dead, Michoacan (4 mins) Narrated by Will Smith by National Geographic

  • Coco

    In 2013 Disney tried to trademark Day of the Dead. The whole country of Mexico nearly exploded in outrage. And then they did their research, including people who practice Day of the Dead on the …

Food & Activities

  • Cut, Color & Assemble

    Create your own La Catrina doll! Color and cut out the shapes and then assemble with paper brad fasteners. Learn more about La Catrina here! Download one of the following .pdf’s:  La Catrina Manualidad – …

  • Moliendo Chocolate en la Manera Oaxaqueña

    Así nos cuenta Doña Reyna la tradición familiar en la cocina, la cual empieza con una buena taza de chocolate. (2 mins) This is how Doña Reyna tells us about the family tradition in the …

  • Bread of the Dead || Pan de los Muertos

    In November 2016 Elena Gil published a few oaxaca bread of the dead (pan de los muertos) on Facebook. Many other people sent in photos of their own styles of bread of the dead.  Over …

  • Day of the Dead Planters

    Day of the Dead Calavera (skull) planters are easy to make with a few simple craft supplies. Read full article at:

  • Día de los Muertos Garland

    This fun Día de los Muertos Garland is easy to make: just print, cut and hang with clothespins! Read full article at:

Articles & Reading

  • Celebración del Día de los Muertos || Celebration of Day of the Dead

    El Día de Muertos es una tradición indigena de miles de años. Su visión indígena implica el retorno de las almas de los muertos. Quienes regresan a casa, al mundo de los vivos para convivir …

  • José Guadalupe and the Famous Catrina

    La Calavera Catrina is an icon of Mexican culture, and is ever present during the Day of the Dead. In recent years her popularity has grown. People all over the world wear makeup and costume to …

  • What Ancient Cultures Teach Us About Grief and Mourning

    “As scholars of death and mourning rituals, we believe that Día de los Muertos traditions are most likely connected to feasts observed by the ancient Aztecs. Today, they honor the memory of the dead and …

  • Virtual Exhibition: National Museum of Mexican Art

    “This year’s exhibition pays tribute to and remembers the numerous individuals from our community, Mexico, the U.S. and the entire world that have died from COVID-19.” Chicago IL

  • La Catrina: The dark history of Day of the Dead’s immortal icon

    Everywhere you look on the streets during Day of the Dead celebrations across Latin America, a familiar face looks back. A face that juxtaposes the macabre and the elegant, it’s in the makeup on children’s faces, …

  • Day of the Dead History & Culture

    A dedication to the deceased Day of the Dead (Dia De Los Muertos) is a two day holiday that reunites the living and dead. Families create ofrendas (Offerings) to honor their departed family members that …

  • Top 10 Things to Know About Day of the Dead

    Here’s one thing we know: Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is not a Mexican version of Halloween. Though related, the two annual events differ greatly in traditions and tone. Whereas Halloween is …

La Vida y Los Muertos Trailer

La Vida y Los Muertos: Day of the Dead in Oaxaca, Mexico, a film by Professor Carolyn Kallenborn, Jane Rafferty Thiele Professor in Human Ecology, of the Design Studies department.

View the full-length feature on Vimeo (38 mins).